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Hiya, I'm back with another HK post!

I was wandering around in Sheung Wan before deciding to ride on one of those ferries to Macau.
Finding my way to Shun Tak Centre which harboured Hong-Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, took almost 20 minutes. Not bad, considering I didn't have the luxury of accessing Google Maps nor did I ask around to get there.

Bought a seat in the TurboJet, costed cheaper than the said price in website or their vending machines. You can get it from the agent in Shun Tak Centre, located just 7 meters away from TurboJet vending machine. After getting the ticket, you will see immigration queue. Long, long queue. So be prepared and spare your time. If - let say - you want to go there at 9 AM, then come 20 minutes early.
FYI, every ticket printed with a departure time, but you can get on the boat
at whatever time it is (except night trip, they have different price for that).
For TurboJet passengers, lucky you, since they always have a boat departing every 15 minutes interval,
while Cotai scheduled their trip for every 30 minutes interval.

For me, a visit to Macau wouldn't be complete without going to The Venetian.
Okay, might sound a bit lame, but yes, I'm that person who thinks Macau is only about The Venetian.
Blame on all the ads exposed to me when I was young and innocent.
1 word to describe my experience here: tiring.
I didn't expect the shopping area to be this huge.
Or maybe it's just the accumulated soreness from previous Korea trip.
Literally, so much to see, so little time.
Check out all the shoppes here.
That Venetian feel.
Gondola. Floating between streets and under the bridges.
With gondolier wearing stripes and singing barcarolle.
Missing something?
Right. Passengers!
Arrived back in HK around 9 PM after took wrong bus to go to Ruins of St. Paul's
and had to take taxi to go back to ferry terminal. #gettinglostgoeswrong
Decided to take a mini dinner before the real dinner at Genki Sushi.
Sounds very wrong, but a girl gotta do what she gotta do when famished! #survivalmode
Apparently, Genki Sushi in HK is different from the one we have at Plaza Senayan.
No iPad, no Shinkansen delivery nor Hello Kitty plate.
They carry the old school conveyor belt sushi.
Menu is also a bit different. For example, what I had was Grilled Rib Sushi
and Fried Oyster Flower Roll. Complete menu of Genki Sushi HK can be seen here.
See you at the next post, featuring my real dinner! ;)

Genki Sushi
Shop 241 - 2F of Shun Tak Centre
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

The Venetian
Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Macau
P. S. You can go to The Venetian or other major HK in Macau from the ferry terminal for free! Even some buses provide WiFi for your full convenience. 

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The post I've been waiting for ;)
Nice tips about the immigration queue *re-scheduling the timeline to wake up earlier ><
Btw, do we need a visa to visit Macau?

Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

Jessica Chia said...

Thank you for waiting! :)
Nope, yet you will be given a small paper containing date of your entry and the expiry date of your stay. Same with HK, no stamp on your passport. :|