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Today's post is a bit different than what I normally publish here.
Usually it's always about the bricks-and-mortar eateries.
Yet this one is currently operating online.
Meet DF Patisserie.
DF Patisserie stands for Dira Fachry's Patisserie.
I was stumbled upon it by chance.
Around 2 weeks ago I was searching for a birthday cake
and I told one of my friends about this.
Basically she's the one who introduced me to DF Patisserie
and I believe we have similar taste,
so I reached out to Dira and the rest is history.
So what makes DF Patisserie different?
Hearing from my friend who is a friend of Dira, the pastry chef
herself (it's a small world after all),
the distinct part lies on the ingredients.
Dira takes the matter of ingredients very seriously.
Spending some years in Australia did that to her. 
To the point that most of DF Patisserie's ingredients
are still sourced from Down Under.
Writer's Note:
Being an occasional baker myself,
I have experienced how hard it is to get my hands
on some premium ingredients (yup, even in Jakarta).
So, good job, Dira!
Since everything was so tempting,
I had difficulty to choose which pie to order.
In the end, here goes my choice:
[ Chocolate Crumble Pie ]
Topped with big chunks of chocolate cookie,
this dark chocolate pie is a must order
if you're planning to order your first treat from DF Patisserie!
Spoiler: The dark chocolate pie also features a salty twist from the use of sea salt.
 This one here is their soft-baked goodness, I mean, cookies.
I'm actually a fan of crisp-hard cookies,
yet this one makes me think to convert
After few minutes thinking, I'm still team #crispycrunchycookies.
It's a harsh truth but not many soft-baked cookies are worth to buy.
Not every soft-baked cookies out there can be soft and chewy like this.
About the first and second photo here,
those babies are assorted choux.
My personal favourite would be:
Chocolate Crumble, Nutella, and Praline.
P. S. My friend is a huge fan of their Raspberry Choux.
Sorry, I can't be on the same page about this. :d

+62 818 333 163
Pie comes in 3 different sizes: 16/20/24 cm
Cookies come in a box of dozen
Choux comes in a box of 10 pieces
Price starts from IDR 100k - 275k

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